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Liporidex MAX w Green Coffee


Liporidex MAX w/ Green Coffee – Ultra Formula Thermogenic Weight Loss Supplement Fat Burner Metabolism Booster & Appetite Suppressant – The easy way to lose weight fast! – 72 diet pills – 1 Box….

4.3 out of 5 stars


Clinically Proven to burn 10% body weight in 93.75% of users

Created and Formulated by Medical Doctors!

The Most Powerful, Clinically Proven Fat Burners and Weight Loss Ingredients in One Convenient Dose.

Scientifically Formulated to Suppress your Appetite, Burn Fat, and Boost Energy

Increase Energy, Focus and Exercise Endurance.

Price: $49.99

Deal Price: $38.99


Liporidex? Ultra Formula MAX – Turbo Charge Your ResultTM

Pre-workout & Metabolic Formula
Boosts endurance, energy and focus while boosting your metabolism and reducing your appetite.

How it Works

Supports Healthy Weight Loss by combining clinically proven

Suppresses Appetite
Thermogenic Fat Burning
Optimizes Metabolism
Increase Exercise Endurance
Sustained Energy Boost

lipoRIDEX? MAXTM is an all-natural thermogenic formula that has been proven in clinical trials to work fast, by suppressing your appetite, and naturally enhancing your body’s ability to burn fat, with a focus on stomach fat. lipoRIDEX? MAXTM contains a maximum strength, all natural mix of clinically proven ingredients that stop unnecessary hunger, boost your metabolism, increase your exercise efficiency and provide a smooth, sustained boost of energy and elevation of mental focus throughout your day. These ingredients work together to aid your body in burning fat quickly and safely.


Our usage directions recommend starting with ONE capsule to assess your sensitivity before moving to two capsules for the 1st dose of the day. You should take 2 capsules for your AM dose only AFTER you have assessed your sensitivity/tolerance to just ONE capsule. If you don’t “feel” anything after taking ONE capsule as, then take TWO capsules together as your AM dose. Persons who consume more caffeine and stimulants tend to require 2 capsules for the AM dose, while those who are smaller or more sensitive tend to do just fine with one.

Don’t wait too long to take your afternoon Dose!

Similarly, it’s important to take the 3rd capsule 5-6 hours after the 1st AM dose.

I've tried many of the "popular" fat burners in the past including Metabodrene, Hydroxycut, OxiElite, and Lipo 6.. and this one far outshines it. Definitely suppresses your hunger as stated and does not give you any jittery side effects like some of them. I've ordered more and will continue to until I'm Lean and Mean again!

I will say from the start that I do not often write reviews (almost never). I have tried many many different formulas for energy plus appetite suppressant and have had NO success. I am now on my second bottle of Liporidex. It DOES suppress the appetite so well that I almost stopped taking it on fridays when I regularly fast because it was making the fast too easy- not enough suffering was involved! It also gives pleasant sustained energy levels with no crash. Overall, excellent product.

This supplement really is amazing. It's made from all natural products and actually does what is says it will do, what more can you ask for? The improved focus and energy I get from the MAX version is crazy. I take as directed, eat a healthy breakfast and I literally have to remind myself to eat lunch. If you want to lose weight this will help you be able to cut calories. I combine with the PM version(which is incredible for eliminating late night cravings as well as enabling me to wake up with more energy). Do not consider other supplements, just get one or both of these products and you will not be disappointed!

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